Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hey! That's us!

The Littlewood Players are on Sirona Dental Company's publication for the month of October!

"...The very young musicians in this orchestra, some of whom are still attending primary school age, play to a very high musical standard and make at least one live appreance each term. Dr. Goh was able to organize and finance an Austrian tour for this young orchestra with appearances at Salzburg and Vienna.

The Salzburg concert, which was a great success, was held at the Schloss Mirabell in the marble hall, which was formerly the ballroom of the prince archbishop. All the audience, which also included Salzburg's mayor, Dr. Heinz Schaden, was enthralled by the orchestra's performance..

Brendan Goh in particular held the audience spellbound with a very moving performance of one of Joseph Haydn's compositions for solo cello. Sirona sponsored the reception of the orchestra in the famous marble hall, thereby contributing to a successful setting for the concert."

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Littlewood's Cello Soloist

Brendan Goh is a soloist from the Littlewood Players. He is 11-years-old and he plays the cello.

S. Rachmaninoff - Vocalise
performed by Brendan Goh (cello solo), Ivan Peev (violin), Gevorg Sargsyan (cello), Karen Yap (piano) and Wilson Goh (violin)

Bach Prelude in G Major
performed by Brendan Goh (cello solo)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vienna Performance

Our Vienna performance is on youtube! ... we thoroughly enjoyed performing 'Canon'!

[thanks for posting the video!]

Friday, July 2, 2010

Marble Hall Performance, Salzburg

We're back from Austria! We had two performances during our tour and our first performance in Salzburg was good!

That's us! In the beautiful Marble Hall for our Salzburg performance!

Due to the weather, we could not perform at the scenic Mirabell Gardens. Instead, we moved indoors to the beautiful Marble Palace Hall (next to the Gardens) and were amazed at how beautiful the venue was!

Best of all, our teachers said that the acoustics (it's the sound bouncing off the walls) really enhanced the sound coming from our instruments. We believe them, because judging from the audience response, we not only recieved applause, we heard them cheering for us!

The seats were all occupied with our family and locals who we managed to impress. Yay!

We're concentrating very hard, making sure we play well...

...and spreading the beauty of music to everyone!

Our cellos

It was a good experience to play in Salzburg for the local audience and we were encouraged to know that we've improved so much and can perform in countries like Austria.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pachelbel Canon

Hi! This is our performance of Pachelbel Canon. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oh, What a Night!

Austria 2010 Pre-tour Concert, Singapore

We started our Austria 2010 tour Singapore performance on a high note with an intimate evening on 2 June at the Chamber, Arts House.

Our families and closest friends spent that Wednesday evening with us; we played our Austria 2010 repertoire for them before we present it to the Mayor of Salzburg and local audiences in Austria for the Salzburg and Vienna leg of the tour.

Expectations were high as we spent much time and effort practising and perfecting what is our most important performance yet. Music was not the only thing that we learnt, we grew closer together, built friendships and experienced what it is like play as one.

The hours or sectional and orchestral rehearsals paid off as we played confidently and steadily throughout the entire 90 minute performance. Even the duets (Su Yean, Luke), trios (Julie, Dana, Chris) and solo (Brendan) sounded convincing enough. And judging from the applause, we all did good!

Now we are only 2 short weeks' away to meeting at the airport and flying off to Austria. We can't wait! Yay!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One Day Away!

After all the hours of practise, our first performance will be tomorrow - 2 June!
We will be performing our Austria 2010 repertoire to our dear family and friends tomorrow at the Arts House. Judging from our full dress rehearsal, it is going to be an exciting show to help kick off our tour.
Just a couple of weeks ago, we had a full dress rehearsal at the beautiful Chamber, Arts House venue.

From playing as individuals, we are now playing as one - the Littlewood Players! We are really happy to get to where we are now; we want to thank our teachers for helping us to improve.

We may be small, but we can definitely play very well!

It is all set to be a good performance tomorrow evening for the Littlewood Players!